Pet Health Plan Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for all Pet Health Plans

Welcome to your Pet Health Plan. This document (the “Terms”) together with the Membership Application Form constitute the entire agreement, understanding and contract between you and Doorstep Vet in relation to the provision of the Pet Health Plan for your pet (the “Agreement”). In the event of any conflict or ambiguity between these Terms or the Membership Application Form, these Terms shall prevail.

Key points about the plan

By registering for and purchasing a Pet Health Plan and by confirming your acceptance of the Terms and the contents of the Membership Application Form you accept the Terms and you confirm that:

a) You are over 18 years of age;

b) You understand that a Pet Health Plan is a preventative health care plan and not a substitute for or an insurance policy;

c) A Health Plan only entitles you to the treatments and medicines recommended by Doorstep Vet and as set out in these Terms and not to any other or additional products or services;

d) You understand that the Pet Health Plan lasts for a minimum 12-month term (the “Minimum Term”) and will automatically renew on the anniversary of the date that your pet joined our Health Plan for successive 12 month periods.

e) If you pay annually, in full, your membership will automatically renew on the anniversary of the date that your pet joined our Health Plan for successive 12 month periods.

f) You understand that by providing your email address and mobile telephone number within your Membership Application Form you consent to receiving email, WhatsApp, SMS and postal correspondence relating to Your Plan and Your Pet, including discretionary offers. Service reminders will also be communicated. 

g) If you opt to pay for Your Health Plan by instalments, you will make a First Payment pro rata to take you to the 1st of the following month.  You will then continue to pay a monthly payment on the 1st of each month at the amount set out by your chosen Health Plan.

h) You understand that all recurring payments will be via Windcave on behalf of Doorstep Vet.

i) You have checked that your postcode is within our catchment area and understand that additional visit fees may apply depending on your postcode.

2. Definitions

2.1. In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words have the following meanings:

 “Benefits” means the preventative healthcare, services and products and/or specialist products which may be available under Your Plan to Your Pet as detailed and defined in paragraph 3.3 below.

“Collection Date” means the date for collection of your monthly recurring payment.

“Start Date” means the date the first payment is received from you by Doorstep Vet if you pay by a recurring monthly payment, or the date the full sum is paid for Your Plan if you make a one off payment.

Essential Plan” means the preventative health care plan designed for the needs of cats and dogs with benefits as stated at the time of sign up.

Complete Plan” means the preventative health care plan designed for the needs of cats and dogs with additional consultations and benefits as stated at the time of sign up.

“First Payment” means the first payment taken from you at the time of signing up to Your Plan if opting to pay monthly.  

“Membership Application Form” means the application process completed on your behalf by Doorstep Vet in order to sign up to the Essential or Complete Health Plan.

“Minimum Term” means the period of twelve months from the Start Date.  

 “Party”, Parties” means you and Doorstep Vet.

“Payment Method” means a current, valid, accepted method of payment in the form of a debit or credit card, to make Recurring payments from.

 “Personal Details” means Your full name, mobile number, address, email address and bank card details (for monthly payment clients).

 “Your Pet” and “Pet” means the pet you registered with the Practice and which is named on Your Membership Application Form to receive Your Plan.

 “Your Plan” means the Health Plan you have selected for Your Pet which you pay for either by a recurring or as a one-off payment.

“Reminders” means any communication (whether by phone, email, letter, WhatsApp, or SMS) from Doorstep Vet reminding you of any appointment or treatment due.

“Terms” means the terms and conditions contained within this document.

“We”, “Us”, “Our” means Doorstep Vet Company Limited.

“Working Days” means Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5.00pm.

“You”, “Your” means the client who is named as the registered owner of the Pet and who has completed the Membership Application and agreed to the Terms.

3. Your benefits

3.1. The Benefits available to Your Pet in Your Plan will vary depending on which Plan you have signed up to.

3.1.a. Discount off medications applies to prescription-only veterinary medicines. Any additional discounts provided are at the discretion of the practice.
3,1.b In house diagnostics are limited to cytology, urine tests and blood pressure checks not involving an external provider
3.1.c. Food is not discounted under the plan.

3.2. The consultation benefits are only valid during our standard opening hours and are subject to availability.

3.3. A fair usage policy applies to the Complete Plan with up to 3 consultations.  A visit/face-to-face consultation will only be granted if a genuine reason is given. 

3.4. We reserve the right to refuse any consultation requests where we feel they are unnecessary and/or not for the benefit of the pet.

3.5. You are only entitled to receive the Benefits detailed and as prescribed by Doorstep Vet. If you ask for, or Your Pet needs a service or treatment that is not covered by Your Plan you will need to pay for this service or product separately. Euthanasia appointments are not included as a Benefit.

3.6. As set out further in section 10 below, Your Plan only entitles Your Pet to receive Benefits at Doorstep Vet. Your Plan is not transferable to another pet or to another client not named on the Membership Application Form. 

3.7. If Your Pet is sensitive or allergic to the products prescribed under Your Plan then Doorstep Vet Practice may recommend that alternative products are used. These substitute products may incur additional charges. Doorstep Vet will choose a product from our range that is recommended for your pet.  If a specific product is preferred this must be discussed with your vet.  Additional charges may apply.  Please discuss Your Pet’s clinical requirements with Doorstep Vet.

3.8. Video consults provided as part of your plan are via a third party, Vidivet.  When using their app you are agreeing to their own terms and conditions. 

3.9. As set out further in section 8 below, It is your responsibility to utilise the benefits provided by 

your Pet Health Plan membership.  No refunds will be issued for any benefits listed within your plan that you do not use.

4. Term

4.1. Your Plan will begin on the agreed Start Date and is an annual rolling contract with a 12 month Minimum Term. It will automatically renew on the anniversary of the date that your pet joined our Health Plan for successive 12-month periods.

4.2. If you pay for Your Plan in instalments via monthly Recurring payments- following the end of the Minimum Term, Your Plan and associated Benefits will continue until cancelled (see paragraph 7 below). During the continued term monthly Recurring payments (if applicable) will be taken from Your nominated Payment Method.

4.3. If you pay for Your Plan as a one-off payment- If you pay annually, in full, your plan will automatically renew on the anniversary of the start date that your pet joined our Health Plan.

4.4. All benefits will reset on the anniversary of the date your pet joined our Health Plan.

 5. Price

5.1. The Price You pay for Your Plan will vary depending on which Health Plan you have signed up to.  Essential – £19.50 per month, Complete – £25.50 per month.

6. Payment

6.1. Your Plan can be paid for by credit or debit card.  We do not accept American Express:

6.1.1 by instalments via monthly recurring payments; OR

6.1.2. by making an upfront one-off payment for the annual price of Your Plan. 

6.2. Paragraphs 6.2.1 to 6.2.4 below apply only if You pay by instalments via monthly Recurring Payments:

6.2.1. When setting up a Recurring payment, You will make a First Payment to Doorstep Vet at the time of completion of Your Membership Application Form and thereafter a monthly Recurring payment will be taken from Your nominated Payment Method on the 1st of each month (or 1st working day thereafter).

6.2.2. The Recurring payment will continue for the Minimum Term and thereafter until cancelled (subject to paragraph 7 below).

7. Cancellation

Cancellation by You:

7.0  In line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 you have a legal right to change your mind and cancel your subscription immediately within 14 days of the date that we send you an email confirming that we have accepted your application. You do not have a right to change your mind where you have started using or you have received any benefits under your subscription, even if the cancellation period is still running.

7.1. You may cancel Your Plan / the Recurring payment on the anniversary of the date your pet joined our Health Plan, by giving us no less than two weeks notice. 

7.2. If you cancel your membership before your anniversary date, we will review your account and, where applicable; charge you retrospectively the full price of any products and services your pet received during the course of your current Contract Year; minus any membership fees we have received to date.

7.3. Your Plan may also be cancelled in accordance with paragraph 14.5 below.

Cancellation or suspension by Doorstep Vet:

7.4. Doorstep Vet reserves the right to cancel Your Plan in the following circumstances:

7.4.1. Non-payment (Recurring Payments)– if any Recurring Payments are returned unpaid by Your bank, we will re-present our payment request to your bank after 5-7 working days.  If the second payment request also fails,you will be contacted to agree to an alternative Payment Method. If it is not possible to collect payment at this point, then Your Plan will be terminated. Doorstep Vet will charge a fee of £10 for seeking to collect each and every missed Recurring Payment.

7.4.2. Non-Payment (Other sums due to Doorstep Vet)- We may suspend and /or cancel Your Plan if you owe any amounts to us for any treatments or medications which are outside Your Plan and which are more than 7 days overdue.

7.4.3. During any period of non-payment pursuant to paragraphs 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 above, Your Plan shall be suspended, and We are not obliged to provide any further Benefits to Your Pet. Your Plan will be reactivated once you pay the outstanding amount in full.

7.5. We reserve the right to cancel Your Plan by giving you one month’s written notice of cancellation at our discretion.

Cancellation by either Party:

7.6. Either Party may cancel this Agreement in the event of the liquidation, (voluntary or not) administration, appointment of administrative receiver, bankruptcy or petition for bankruptcy of the other Party or in the event of the death of Your Pet.

7.7. In the event of the death of Your Pet You are responsible for notifying Doorstep Vet and the provisions of paragraph 7.2 above shall apply.

8. Your obligations and responsibilities

8.1. You confirm you are the legal owner of the pet listed on your registration form and that you are over 18.

8.2. You shall ensure that all information provided by you in the Membership Application Form and to Doorstep Vet is complete and accurate in all material respects.

8.3. You shall notify Us if any information relevant to Your Plan requires updating including, but not limited to:

8.3.1. Your Personal Details (including bank details, recurring payment information and home address)

8.3.2. If Your Pet has fallen ill or has developed any conditions which could affect the health of Your Pet;

8.3.3 Whether Your Pet is sensitive or allergic to any treatments included as Benefits in Your Plan; and

8.3.4. If Your Pet is lost or deceased.

In addition, if you pay for Your Plan in instalments via monthly Recurring Payments, you must notify Us in respect of changes under 8.3.1 above.

8.4. You shall use Benefits in accordance with Our instructions and You are responsible for arranging appointments for your pet that is included as Benefits.

8.5. You agree to attend a consultation with Your Pet as directed by Us at any time during Your Plan, if this consultation falls outside of your Plan Benefits the cost may be additional and charged at Our normal rates. We reserve the right to refuse to provide You with any Benefits until you have attended such consultations in accordance with Our regulatory obligations under The Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013 SI2033.

In order to comply with dispensing regulations of flea, tick and worm treatment, your Pet will need to have been examined by a Vet within at least 12 months prior to delivery of the parasite products, If this examination falls outside of the Your Plan Benefits you will be required to book a consultation which will be charged at the normal rates.

8.6. Your Plan is personal to Your Pet and to You and is non-transferable between any other pets and/or clients not listed in the Membership Application Form

8.7. It is Your sole responsibility to utilise the Benefits applicable to Your Plan and you shall not be entitled to any refund in respect of any unutilised Benefits or returned medications.

8.8. You must let Us know that you are a member of the Pet Health Plan when booking appointments or utilising Benefits applicable to Your Plan.

8.9. You must comply with any booking and/or cancellation policy implemented by Us when redeeming Benefits associated with Your Plan. If you fail to attend an appointment or do not provide sufficient notice in accordance with Our booking/cancellation policy, We reserve the right to treat any component of your Benefits that You would have received at the missed appointment as redeemed under Your Plan and to charge a fee in accordance with Our standard rates for any re-booking of appointments and/or treatments associated with this Benefit component.

8.10. You shall pay for any goods or treatments not covered by Your Plan at the time of receiving such goods or treatments.

8.11. You shall cooperate with Us and act responsibly in all matters relating to Your Plan.

8.12. You understand that if your postcode falls outside our catchment area we will cancel your Pet Health Plan, and notify you of such. 

9. Our obligations

9.1. On successful completion of the Membership Application Form and agreement to these Terms & Conditions, Doorstep Vet shall provide the services and benefits applicable to Your Pet from the agreed Start Date until cancellation (in accordance with paragraph 7.9 above) for Monthly Recurring Payments or until the Plan end date (if paid for up front).

9.2. We have no obligation to provide services or Benefits to You in those circumstances described under paragraphs 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 above.

9.3. We reserve the right to refuse to provide you with any Benefits where We consider it is not in Your Pet’s best interests to supply such Benefits (for example where a lot of time has elapsed since Your Pet’s previous veterinary consultation).

9.4. Whilst We will endeavour to send regular Reminders, We accept no liability for any missed Benefits and it is Your responsibility to ensure that any Benefits under Your Plan are used regularly and it remains Your responsibility to present Your Pet for all elements of Your Plan at the appropriate time.

10. Transferring to a different Practice

10.1. Your Plan and the Agreement is with Doorstep Vet. This plan cannot be transferred to another pet or veterinary practice.  This cannot be used with our out of hours provider, Westway vets. 

11. Complaints and Disputes Resolution

11.1. If you are unhappy with the Benefits or any aspect of Your Plan or Your Pet’s veterinary care, please contact Us as soon as possible. 

12. Your Personal Information

12.1. Subject to paragraph 13.2 below, Doorstep Vet will use Your Personal Details as set out in Our Privacy Policy, which explains what personal information we collect from you, how and why we collect, store, use and share such information.  Your rights in relation to personal information and how to contact us if you have a query or complaint about the use of personal information. You can find our Privacy Policy online at

12.2. Doorstep Vet will use Your Personal Details in order to send you correspondence by email, SMS, WhatsApp and post relating to Your Plan including (but not limited to) advice for Your Pet, information, services, reminders, benefits. If data consent has been provided Doorstep Vet may send you discretionary offers which may be of interest. 

12.3. If You pay in instalments via monthly Recurring payments:

12.3.1. In the process of administering Recurring payments Doorstep Vet will hold and use Your Personal Details in accordance with their internal procedures and only insofar as is necessary to administer Your Plan, and to comply with legal obligations to which they are subject, to protect their interests and for fraud detection and prevention. You can view their Privacy Policy online at

12.3.2. Doorstep Vet operates strict procedures to ensure that your personal data is kept safe and secure; and

12.3.3. For the avoidance of doubt, Windcave is a third-party recurring payment administration provider and is not affiliated with Doorstep Vet.

12.4. Whilst administering Your Plan, Doorstep Vet may receive and share personal information with:

12.4.1. other relevant persons involved in dealing with Your Plan and Doorstep Vet; and/or

12.4.2. persons appointed by you and / or under power of attorney for a period of time, e.g. the pet’s owner when different to the Plan holder.

13. Variation

13.1. We may unilaterally vary these Terms at any time during the Term of Your Plan. You will be given a minimum of 30 days written notice of any such material variation.

13.2. Updated Terms will be available to be viewed on our website:

13.3. No one other than a party to this Agreement has any right to enforce any Term of this Agreement.

14. Variations resulting in Price Changes

14.4. Where any variation results in a price change, including (but not limited to) if cost of supplying the Plan or providing the Benefits change (for whatever reason including but not limited to changes in law, regulatory requirements, RPI rate changes) We will write to you a minimum of 15 Working Days before any proposed price change will take effect.

14.5. In the event that notice is served on You under paragraph 14.4 above you are entitled to cancel Your Plan within 10 Working Days of receipt of the notification.

14.6. Any agreed refund due to you for any reason in respect of Your Plan will be refunded into the same Payment Account that You use to make payments for Your Plan.

14.7. No refunds will be available for missed Benefits.

15. Liability

15.1. Doorstep Vet administers Pet Health Plan registrations and Windcave collects Recurring Payments on Doorstep Vet’s behalf. Windcave is excluded from any liability in respect of the provision or quality of the Benefits or veterinary services. Doorstep Vet is excluded from liability in respect of the provision of any Recurring Payment administration and processing services.

15.2. Doorstep Vet is responsible for the provision of the Benefits and veterinary services (subject to the Terms of the Agreement). Your Practice’s liability under or in connection with this Agreement shall be limited to an aggregate limit equivalent to the amount paid by you under or in connection with Your Plan during the Minimum Term.

15.3. Doorstep Vet shall not limit its liability under this paragraph 15 for:

15.3.1. fraud or theft by it or its employees;

15.3.2. death and/ or personal injury of Your Pet caused by its negligence or that of its employees, agents or subcontractors as applicable; or

15.3.3. reasons of law or regulation for which liability may not otherwise lawfully be limited or excluded.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

16.1. The courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to this Agreement.

16.2. The laws of England and Wales will apply to this Agreement.

Last updated: March 2024

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