Confused about vet prices? We offer clear pricing with digital payment options

Let’s be honest – nobody likes paying vets’ bills.

We can’t change the fact that vet bills need to be paid, but we can make our own vet prices streamlined, fair and transparent

We break our pricing into two parts…

  • We promote Vetsure insurance to provide peace of mind in case your pet ever becomes ill or has an accident.
  • We are independent – we set our own prices with thought and fairness.

Fair and sensible pricing

We provide a personal, convenient service straight to your door.

If we are seeing more than one animal in the same visit we will provide you with a bespoke estimate.

For quick appointments we have our Doorstep Express service which offers a vet consultation at a discounted price.

This can also be used for regular monthly injections such as Librela® and Cytopoint®.

Our medication is priced sensibly and with consideration.

We are happy to send a prescription to an online pharmacy should you wish to purchase medication elsewhere. Our prescription fee is £20 per condition.

We are transparent – there are no hidden surprises, and where possible we will always provide estimates and options.

We make paying your bill as hassle-free as possible – we carry a card machine and also can provide payment links via our secure online payment provider.

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