Pet euthanasia at home

When the times comes to say goodbye, our home visit service offers a peaceful, dignified euthanasia for your pet.

Making the decision to say goodbye to a beloved family member can be incredibly tough. It is completely normal to experience a range of uncomfortable feelings, from anger and guilt to confusion; this can be an extremely challenging time emotionally.

If you are in this situation and need someone to talk to, please get in touch.  We have helped many owners through this difficult time and together we can make a plan for what is best for you and your pet. 

When the times comes to let go, we do our utmost to offer a peaceful, dignified euthanasia at your home. 

We can take your pet away with us for cremation at the end of your appointment – very large dogs are usually collected directly from your home.

If you would like your pet’s ashes back there is a wide range of options available.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements, we can also put you in touch directly with a small local crematorium.


Here are some resources you may find helpful when planning for the loss of your pets.

Pet Bereavement Support Service offers local help and a sympathetic ear for recently bereaved pet owners.
Telephone: 0800 0966606

It is jointly run by The Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) and the Blue Cross.

Compassion Understood

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement

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Our Happy Clients!

“Highly recommend, the van is equipped as well as any traditional vet surgery. Very convenient and professional. My dog had no anxiety about ‘going to the vet’ as it was on his doorstep! So many benefits for owners and pets.”​


“I moved to Doorstep Vet recently. My large dog is very boisterous and trips to the vet waiting room were stressful. Saves me so much time with the home visits. My boy loved his first two visits… he jumped into the van last time they visited. Mobile surgery is astonishing! Highly recommended.”​


“Excellent service today. My nervous rescue dog was given all the time he needed to settle and get to know the team. Fantastic van fully kitted out and so clean! Thank you again.”​


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