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Our home visit vet service provides health checks, vaccinations, a pet pharmacy and much more…

Mobile vet in Newcastle upon Tyne and North East – we bring the consulting room to your doorstep….

We can help look after your pet whatever their stage of life, from puppies and kittens to OAPs (old aged pets).

The practice provides most types of “GP ” care, including health checks, rabbit, cat and dog vaccinations, and management of long term conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid and kidney problems. Our service is personal; we take the time to discuss any concerns you have about your pet.

In addition, a wide range of diagnostic tests is available via our partnership with Idexx reference laboratories.

The practice does not offer surgery – we advise our clients to use static practices for this as they are well equipped to deal with complications and emergencies. We have good connections with other vet practices and can easily advise on and arrange referrals if needed.

When the time comes, we also provide at home euthanasia for those pet owners who would like to say goodbye to their pet in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.  

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Our Happy Clients!

“Highly recommend, the van is equipped as well as any traditional vet surgery. Very convenient and professional. My dog had no anxiety about ‘going to the vet’ as it was on his doorstep! So many benefits for owners and pets.”​


“I moved to Doorstep Vet recently. My large dog is very boisterous and trips to the vet waiting room were stressful. Saves me so much time with the home visits. My boy loved his first two visits… he jumped into the van last time they visited. Mobile surgery is astonishing! Highly recommended.”​


“Excellent service today. My nervous rescue dog was given all the time he needed to settle and get to know the team. Fantastic van fully kitted out and so clean! Thank you again.”​


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