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Health Checks

From wellness exams to long term health conditions, we’ve got you and your pet covered

As a mobile vet practice, we cover everything from general wellness exams to everyday health problems such as ear infections, allergies, or lameness. We also manage longer term health conditions.

If your pet has an ongoing health condition, this can involve frequent visits to the vet which can be inconvenient and disruptive for you and your pet. 

We can easily organise repeat visits, tests and medication without the need to visit a clinic, and can assist with insurance claims where needed.

For pets on regular monthly injections such as Cytopoint® and Librela® , we offer a cost effective solution via our Doorstep Express service. Please contact us for further details.

Caring for elderly pets

Animals can be very good at hiding their symptoms; signs of illness or pain may not become apparent until a disease is quite advanced.

Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney and thyroid problems are commonly seen in older animals. 

The earlier we can pick up on geriatric diseases, the better we can manage them and ensure your pet has the best quality of life. 

We recommend annual blood tests for geriatric pets – our OAP health check includes these blood tests at a reduced fee.

Please contact us for further information.

A useful resource for caring for elderly pets:

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Our Happy Clients!

“Highly recommend, the van is equipped as well as any traditional vet surgery. Very convenient and professional. My dog had no anxiety about ‘going to the vet’ as it was on his doorstep! So many benefits for owners and pets.”​


“I moved to Doorstep Vet recently. My large dog is very boisterous and trips to the vet waiting room were stressful. Saves me so much time with the home visits. My boy loved his first two visits… he jumped into the van last time they visited. Mobile surgery is astonishing! Highly recommended.”​


“Excellent service today. My nervous rescue dog was given all the time he needed to settle and get to know the team. Fantastic van fully kitted out and so clean! Thank you again.”​


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